Students steal thousands of plates from dining hall

More than 2,000 plates have been stolen by students at Boston College dining halls, student newspaper The Heights reports.

At the start of the semester, the college switched from disposable to-go containers to reusable plates as part of a sustainability initiative. Students who wish to take food back to their rooms can ask for a to-go container from the dining hall cashiers and pack it themselves. The plan has backfired, however, as students unaware of the change have been taking plates back to their dorms.

“Now that we have gone through all of these reusable dishes, we have had to revert to a lot more paper plates, which defeated the whole purpose,” Elizabeth Emery, director of BC Dining, told The Heights.

To combat the problem, Emery says that the dining department’s student interns will set up informational tables during dinner hours to inform students of the changes. She also wants to partner with student groups to increase education about the initiative.

Read the full story via bcheights.com


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