NACUFS decides to stick with Indianapolis, citing changes in controversial law

NACUFS’ board of directors voted yesterday to proceed with plans to hold the association’s annual convention in Indianapolis in July. The scheduling had been called into question by Indiana’s enactment of a controversial law that was blasted by opponents as legalizing discrimination against same-sex couples and other groups.

NACUFS said the law had been “of utmost concern to our members.”

The organization said in a letter to members that the board “discussed member feedback, and evaluated the impact on our institutional and industry members as well as the financial impact on NACUFS of cancelling or relocating the conference. “

The group, the industry’s largest association of college and university feeders, noted that Indiana had tempered the Religious Freedom Restoration Act to provide more protections against discrimination. It also pointed out that Indianapolis has its own laws to protect people on the basis of their sexual orientation and gender identity.

The prior week, NACUFS’ board pledged to strengthen the organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.



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