District works to bring imperfect produce to community

Canton Local School District has partnered with a rescued produce delivery service.
Photograph: Shutterstock

Canton Local School District in Canton, Ohio, has partnered with Perfectly Imperfect Produce to start offering boxes of imperfect produce to the district community, CantonRep.com reports. 

The idea came from the district’s foodservice director, who wanted to find a way to reduce waste and also provide community members with easier access to affordable, fresh produce, because there is only one grocery store in the district. 

Based in Cleveland, Perfectly Imperfect Produce is a produce delivery service that takes produce that can’t be sold in grocery stores due to unusual shape, size or color and sells it to individuals in the community.

Through the partnership with the district, customers can order a box of imperfect produce to be delivered to the district’s high school so they can avoid a shipping fee. 

For those who order with a special discount code, Perfectly Imperfect Produce is also donating a pound of food to the district’s backpack program, which provides meals to food-insecure students over the weekend. 


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