University of Michigan commits to make more than half its menu plant based by 2025

The university is collaborating with the Humane Society of the United States to accomplish this goal.


Foodservice operators have a new option for plant-based menu items

Dairy-free choices offer new opportunities in noncommercial settings.

The food management company is launching a new plant-forward concept this fall.

At the signature noncommercial event put on by FSD, foodservice operators learned that menus truly are going in new directions.

The menu will feature plant-based sandwiches and ice cream.

Aramark is soon aiming for nearly half of its menu items on college campuses to be plant based. The foodservice management company plans to have 44% of offerings on its residential dining menus be ...

Gold ‘N’ Greens has been closed for two years due to staffing challenges.

North Carolina State University kicked off the fall semester with several initiatives promoting plant-forward options. The Raleigh, N.C., university has debuted Plant-Powered Mondays at its Oval F...

Montgomery Public Schools teamed up with Real Food for Kids and Silver Diner to create several new plant-based dishes.

The Hungry Herbivore menus vegan burgers, eggs and nachos, among other options.

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