K-12 students want more plant-based options on the menu

Student feedback and other factors have led to the expansion of plant-based menu offerings.


Foodservice distributors confirm a return to normalcy for college dining

A new NPD report tracks the uptick in food deliveries to campuses and what C&U operators are ordering.

Steal these ideas from healthcare and C&U pros and put them to work in your operation.

The company says it’s the first contract feeder to sign the World Resource Institute’s Cool Food Pledge.

The Show floor is a veritable buffet of non-dairy ice creams, meat-less meats and even runny eggs that have never met a chicken.

Chefs in every segment have been busy cooking up new offerings this year.

School nutrition programs must provide a plant-based option when requested, starting in 2023.

The options would be offered to students at no additional cost, and schools would be required to provide them during every meal and snack served in the cafeteria.

The company is working with the Humane Society to help meet its goal of having 42% of menu items on campus be plant-based by 2025.

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