Chartwells Higher Ed wants students to embrace the hero within

The foodservice provider is launching a ‘Power-Ful’ event, which will feature special menus, activities and giveaways.
Students eating lunch
Chartwells Higher Ed is encouraging students to send notes and gifts to local or personal heroes. / Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Chartwells Higher Ed is celebrating local heroes with its Power-Ful event, the finale in its Joy-Ful campaign.

The event will feature special menus, activities and giveaways to encourage students to embrace the hero within. The menus will be packed with feel-good foods including whole grains, lean proteins, locally grown and seasonal vegetables, and unprocessed freshly made meals, according to a press release.

Students will also be given the opportunity to send gifts and notes of gratitude to personal or community heroes, such as firefighters, police, first responders, nurses or anybody else who has made an impact on their life.

The event will also feature activities such as yoga, therapy dogs, self-care baskets and hero walls. The campaign will also encourage Chartwells associates to participate by thanking their own front-line staff.

The Power-Ful event will take place during the week of April 4 and will be celebrated across Chartwells campuses.

"We want to give students the chance to celebrate the power they have to make a positive impact in their communities, as well as give thanks to those who have made a difference in their lives," said Lisa McEuen, CEO of Chartwells Higher Education, in a statement. "By honoring 250,000 community heroes through Power-Ful, our goal is to host a national event that gives thanks, spreads joy, and helps bring local communities together."

The Joy-Ful campaign is in its second year. This year, the campaign kicked off with what Chartwells says was the nation’s largest collegiate farmers market. The farmers market was followed by a Friendsgiving meal and the opportunity for students to participate in an interactive teaching kitchen.

The campaign also featured a Delight-Ful event, in which the foodservice management company encouraged workers and students on its campuses to perform half a million random acts of kindness.



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