Chartwells Higher Ed's latest campaign looks to create community on campus

Joy-Ful will feature several in-person events throughout the year for students to reconnect with their peers.
College students eating pizza together.
Photo: Shutterstock

Chartwells Higher Education has launched a new yearlong campaign, dubbed Joy-Ful, with the aim to engage college students and create a sense of community. 

Throughout the school year, students will be invited to participate in four events taking place in unison at colleges across the country. Each event will be centered around food. The first event, which takes place in September, will be a welcome back “Food Festi-Ful” featuring street food menus and unique celebrations tailored to each school. 

Other Joy-Ful events will be held in November, March and May. Each month, students will also be able to participate in special events centered around a specific theme, such as “Cheer-Ful” in September and “Mind-Ful” in January. 

Chartwells Higher Ed officials hope that Joy-Ful will help students reconnect and form new relationships with their peers. 

“Many students returning this fall were deprived of the typical college experience last year, and a big part of that takes place in the dining hall,” Chartwells Higher Education CEO Lisa McEuen said in a statement. “The first year of college is often the starting point for life-long friendships, so we’re working with our university partners to give those memorable, in-person experiences back to students who experienced them virtually last year.” 


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