What’s driving plant-based burger consumption?

The demand for meatless menu items is not slowing down.
plant-based burger
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Consumer demand for plant-based dishes continues to grow, and foodservice operations are crafting innovative preparations to meet diners’ evolving palates and expectations.

But when it comes to burgers, specifically, what are the primary reasons customers choose plant-based iterations, and which types are they most likely to order?

Here are some insights culled from Technomic’s 2021 Burger Consumer Trend Report.

Shifting dining patterns

While 23% of overall consumers say that their consumption of veggie burgers is greater now than it was two years ago, younger consumers are driving much of this increase. Among consumers age 18-34, nearly one-third (31%) say that they’re eating more plant-based burgers and 32% say they would like eateries to menu at least one veggie burger.

The environment as change agent

Health is the main reason consumers choose a plant-based patty over traditional meat varieties, but 47% say they go for plant-based versions because they’re better for the environment. (This jumps to 58% among consumers ages 18-34.)

Brand recognition

Meat analogues like Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger remain popular, with 71% of consumers saying they would consider ordering one of these items. Meanwhile, 59% of consumers say the same of patties made from beans—a decrease from two years ago—and 49% say the same of versions with a grain base such as quinoa or rice.



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