Adding global twists to familiar dishes

Photograph: Shutterstock

Global foods are catching the attention of operators and consumer. According to Technomic’s 2018 Ethnic Food & Beverage Consumer Trend Report, 30% of operators are menuing more ethnic dishes or dishes with ethnic flavors than they were two years ago. In the healthcare segment, this often means adding global twists to familiar dishes. This way, dishes appeal to diners who crave classic comfort foods as well as those who want something new.

One of the easiest ways to add a global twist to familiar comfort foods is with soup. Popular soups, including cream of chicken, tomato bisque, vegetable and more, are all great bases to riff on when trying to add new flavors and ingredients to the menu.

Check out these interesting ways to update soups—or use them as ingredients in larger dishes—with global twists.

  • Give lasagna a Mexican flavor with tomato soup. Instead of noodles and marinara, use tortillas and enchilada sauce—made with a base of tomato soup—as well as pulled chicken, cheddar and Jack cheeses, seasoned black beans and roasted corn. This global twist on an Italian comfort food is a craveable, indulgent option diners will love.
  • Update classic cream of chicken by adding rice and lemon to create a version of Avgolemono, a traditional Greek soup.
  • Kick the flavor up a notch on basic vegetable soup by stirring in harissa, a South African hot sauce.
  • Traditional chicken soup can get an Asian update with the simple addition of ginger, soy sauce and kimchi. Finish the soup with a serving of sauteed mushrooms and shredded chicken for a warm, comforting soup that’s different yet still familiar.

Keep diners excited about the menu by putting a global spin on classic dishes. With prepared soups, it’s easier than ever to offer new and craveable flavors.

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