Compass Group partners with Do Good Food to reduce food waste

Compass Group North America is partnering with “climate-forward” company Do Good Food as part of its continued sustainability efforts. Do Good is the parent company of Do Good Chicken, which it sa...


Recipe report: Chicken winners

September is National Chicken Month, so what better time to cook up some new variations of this customer favorite?

Chicken is popular with both consumers and chefs, but it’s easy to get in a rut and menu the bird with the same old methods.

The past two years have brought about a massive structural shift in the foodservice employment landscape, forcing operators to rethink their menus, their processes, and their overall business models. ...

Kickin’ Chickin and La Olla tap into top trends and students’ cravings at Stony Brook University.

How workhorse proteins make foodservice prep easier

One year into the job, Chris Scott is putting his stamp on KFC’s menu and the quick-service chicken space.

it’s easy to get into a chicken rut by relying on the same preps week after week. Start changing up the repertoire right now by adding one of these recipes to the rotation.

Foodservice operations in international locations are offering riffs on the trendy fried chicken sandwich.

Due to the size of today’s chickens, the export market, ease of execution and consumer preferences, more flavorful chicken thighs are moving into second place.

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