Current and breaking news about the foodservice industry
A Portland, Maine-based hospital is partnering with a local pizza manufacturer to support the local economy and patients’ health at the same time.
Take a look inside Facebook’s New York cafeteria. The seating is arranged like that of a school, but the food is definitely not for children – offering meat carving and kombucha stations.
Healthy food standards imposed on the cafeteria at the Vermont Statehouse, which discourage Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, among other treats, has angered some lawmakers.
University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh students say Sodexo lacks healthy food alternatives and prices meal plans higher than the market standard.
In USDA’s first Farm-to-School Census, 36 percent of schools reported serving local foods to students from spring 2011 through spring 2013.
Aramark will work with suppliers to secure cage-free egg products.
School district policy would apply even to “food-free” zones in all schools, but may undergo revisions.
Board of education approves $2.7-million budget for 2015-2016, but legal wrangling continues over whether the district can contract with food management firm to run its cafeterias.
A hospital worker has been accused of making fraudulent purchases using credit card numbers obtained from the food court of a Wisconsin hospital.
New research out of Iowa State University shows consumers were willing to spend more for genetically modified potatoes containing reduced amounts of carcinogens.


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