New in-house training program gives Vacaville USD nutrition team a chance to grow their skills

Chef and Assistant Nutrition Director Richie Wilim drew on his restaurant background to create the course, which will instruct participants on how to master skills like menu planning and mise en place.


University of Tulsa dining team worked with The Ritz-Carlton Leadership Center to benchmark best practices

The program focuses on customer engagement, elevating service and nurturing organizational culture.

The program will provide universities with a playbook and other tools to bring more plant-based dishes to campus. So far, over 12 schools have signed up.

Many foodservice operations have a weekly all-hands deep clean, at least in the back of house, a practice our Advice Guy highly recommends.

The program covered topics such as menu creation, food purchasing, and pricing and portioning items.

Going away to college is an exciting time for any student, but for those living with a food allergy it can also be intimidating.

Culinary programs across the country have revamped for the post-pandemic era, and those at community colleges are no exception.

The menu, service style and staff training work together to elevate the dining experience and well-being of those with cognitive disabilities.

Flexible options, a well-trained staff and enhanced technology help meet students’ dietary needs, despite labor and supply chain challenges.

Creative menu items have come out of the competition, proving that banana peels, avocado pits and pepper seeds have a place in the cooking pot instead of the trash.

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