Chartwells constructs a mobile curriculum

The vendor has a number of lessons in store via its new traveling teaching kitchens aimed at young students.

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Blowtorch as wine bottle opener

There's more than one way to open a bottle of wine. When a corkscrew is nowhere to be found, Chef David Brue reaches for his butane torch.

Every week, Acadia's cooks pick an experimental kitchen project to expand their skills, culminating in a Friday contest where they cook a new dish that puts them out of their comfort zone.

Though kitchens in general can be a minefield of issues, bakeries present some unique challenges thanks in part to the finicky nature of yeast.

When training chefs on the art of display cooking, consider providing these pieces of advice.

Students at the University of California at Los Angeles have the opportunity to take cooking classes this quarter.

Here’s how operations are cutting loose without cutting productivity.

When guests are from different regions or hometowns with a diversity of dining offerings, it’s up to managers to help employees orbit in the same food universe. 

Chefs developed vegetarian, vegan and allergen-free dishes now being considered as campus offerings.

Certifications act as a powerful recruiting and retention tool, but they can also provide insight into an operation's direction and focus. Check out the types of accreditations operators are working toward in 2017.

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