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Congress allows schools to request snack food rule delay

Under a provision passed in Congress earlier this month, schools may request a delay to comply with new USDA nutrition standards for food and beverages sold in schools.


Federal audit calls new school lunch rules a failure

The federal government’s changes to school lunch menus have been disastrous, causing problems for cafeterias trying to comply with the rules and leaving the menu so expensive or unpalatable that more than 1 million students have stopped buying lunch, according to a government audit released Thursday.

The White House proposed new rules Tuesday to limit how schools are allowed to market sugary drinks and junk food to students during school hours and school-related activities.

A school is no longer a place for selling cupcakes and soda.

New state law will require large institutions to recycle food waste.

Over the past two years the USDA has implemented strict guidelines in an effort to make school lunches more healthy, and they are about to get more strict.

Polk County parents were apoplectic last year when they discovered that the school district had been scanning student irises without parent permission.

Sodium was top of mind at the School Nutrition Association’s SNIC conference last week.

School foodservice directors and staff, stand up and take a bow. Charged with making groundbreaking changes to the National School Lunch Program, and tackling the job under challenging circumstance, you are helping to make history. You are on the front li

We've all heard about how hospital operators think the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will affect hospital foodservice, but no one is really mentioning the role long-term care facilities will play in the equation. For a recap: Under ACA hospitals are tas

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