Federal bill would expand USDA farm-to-school program

The Farm to School Act would increase funding for Patrick Leahy Farm to School Program from $5 million to $10 million.


Schools look for workarounds as milk carton shortage persists

School nutrition teams are turning to bulk milk and other ways to serve the beverage as the supply of carton material dwindles.

Students at Wonderful College Prep Academy are heavily involved in the nutrition team’s annual Fall Harvest Festival which aims to educate diners about food waste during the season.

Fresh apples, tomatoes and more are showing up on students’ lunch trays in Kansas City due to a partnership between a local food hub and several districts in the area.

Urban has been overseeing the nutrition program at the district for 17 years.

Dr. Katie Wilson shares how the team’s new partnership with the USDA will help schools tackle their biggest procurement pain points.

Also in this week’s K-12 legislative update: New York schools can apply for new farm-to-school grant funding and federal lawmakers introduce another bill that would raise school meal reimbursement rates.

Students at Rochester City School District will now receive juice with their meals.

The new partnership will provide ProStart students with extra hands-on experience and career pathways in the hospitality industry.

The foodservice provider secured a grant through the New Jersey Department of Agriculture to provide students in the state with local ingredients throughout the school year.

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