How the Chef Ann Foundation is investing in labor to increase scratch cooking in schools

The Healthy School Food Pathway is designed to help school foodservice professionals develop the skills they need to make more meals from scratch.


How one organization is reducing food waste in Rhode Island schools

Rhode Island Schools Recycling Club implements a sorting process to reduce landfill-bound waste in the cafeteria.

The state banned lunch shaming last year; however, its department of education asked for clarification on the law after receiving reports that some schools were still serving alternative meals.

The department is putting $50 million toward the initiative, which aims to foster collaboration between schools and the food industry at large.

A majority voted in favor of Proposition FF, which would increase taxes for some Coloradans to fund the free meals and provide nutrition-related grants for schools.

The program will divert 216,000 containers from landfills and reduce 23,689 kg of CO2e emissions.

The food management company is focusing on expanding its plant-based offerings for students.

National Plastic-Free School Lunch Day was created to challenge school nutrition teams to prepare lunch without plastic.

The food management company is launching a new plant-forward concept this fall.

Celebrity Chef Carla Hall visited Knoxville Elementary School where she prepared a special meal for cafeteria staff and taught them how to make biscuits.

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