Sodexo Live! joins International Aviation Waste Management Association as a founding member

The association seeks to reduce carbon emissions and waste in the aviation industry.
sign pointing to airport lounge.
Sodexo Live! manages foodservice at events and in airport lounges. / Photo: Shutterstock.

Sodexo Live! wants to help reduce waste in the aviation industry.

To that end, the foodservice provider has joined the International Aviation Waste Management Association (IAWMA) as a founding member. The goal behind the nonprofit is to cut carbon emissions and waste in aviation.

Under the partnership, Sodexo Live! commits to developing strategies for reducing carbon emissions as well as working toward a so-called circular economy. The foodservice provider will also work to reduce waste throughout its accounts, and one way it will do so is by working to divert more waste, according to a press release.

“We are thrilled to align ourselves with IAWMA, an organization that is leading the charge to close the waste collection gaps and reduce the global carbon footprint of the aviation industry,” said Suzy Kitcher, global CEO of Sodexo Live! Airport Lounges, in the release. “We are committed to playing our part and fine-tuning our operations with the help of aviation's most trusted circular economy knowledge source.”

The IAWMA seeks to work toward a circular economy, a system that focuses on eliminating waste by reusing and regenerating materials. The IAWMA has created enhanced recycling programs and spreads information about sourcing sustainably and recovering materials.  

“Together with Sodexo Live!, we have forged an unwavering commitment to lead our planet to advance resource recovery within our assets and brands to ensure future generations benefit from our work in this regard,” said Gregoire James, commercial director and founder of IAWMA.



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