Halal expands beyond C&U

Operators outside of C&U are adding more such items.

Colleges and universities are investing heavily in redeveloping menus and facilities to be more inclusive of special diets, according to Technomic’s College & University Consumer Trend Report, which cites halal as one area of focus. halal food graphic

While the trend has blossomed in C&U, halal menus now are trickling down into other segments. From traditional chicken preps to fish tacos, here’s a menu sampling.

Crawford High School
San Diego
The high school now serves halal-friendly chili-and-lime chicken drumsticks with rice once a week, with plans to add halal fish tacos to the menu. Other halal options include tofu salad and veggie chili.

Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital
New Brunswick, N.J.
A new addition is halal chicken or lamb, inspired by NYC’s street carts, which serve it over rice and greens drizzled with a white- and-red sauce based on classic Egyptian and Greek toppings.

Dearborn Public schools
In 2015, 22 of the district’s 32 schools offered only halal meat, including chicken nuggets, chicken patties and hot dogs.


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