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Recipe Report: Chefs’ favorites

When chefs gather for a culinary conference, inspired dishes emerge from the demos, kitchen workshops and other sessions. These recipes tap into some of today’s trends.


4 stealable ideas to power up college dining

A recent culinary conference provided much food for thought—and action.

The arrival of summer produce is spurring operators to toss together new entree salads.

Chefs are digging deeper, exploring niches within these cuisines to appeal to consumers’ more adventurous palates.

Creative presentations can elevate your catered events above the competition.

Many international cuisines offer their take on the dumpling, each boasting its own particular spin.

Even if your operation lacks an outdoor grill, the cooking technique and resulting charred flavor and appearance can be replicated using indoor kitchen equipment.

These food and drink trends spotted at this year's National Restaurant Association Show could power your menu in the months ahead. 

Many exhibitors provided chef-prepared food samples at their booths. These are some of the on-trend recipes that the chefs shared and attendees tasted.

Take stock of these stealable ideas discovered during the 2017 Taste the Trends dine-around.

The flavors, ingredients and cuisines college students are craving today can have a large impact on current and future menu planning. These five recipes will help feed those cravings.

Gen Z dominates college campuses these days, and they are tired of some of the same old offerings. Here are the menu items they’re increasingly interested in ordering—and those they’re snubbing.

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