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Recipe report: Small plates, big flavors

Call them downsized entrees, appetizers or tapas, small plates are not going out of style anytime soon. Click through for that recipe and four others.


7 menu surprises popping up in noncommercial

Steal these innovative food and drink ideas for your operation.

March 14 has been designated Pi Day to recognize its numerical relationship to pi—the digits in the date, 3.14, are the same as the first three digits in pi.

When it comes to sandwiches, familiar condiments are getting revamped and emerging global flavors are taking the spotlight.

To perk up customers’ palates and inspire a kitchen staff bored with winter ingredients, add a spicy dish or two to the lineup.

What will be the breakout burger ingredients of 2017—those that can help power LTO sales and help operators shape craveable menus? Here's a look at three making a splash.

The demand for seafood skyrockets during Lent. These seafood recipes can easily be added to the rotation now, but may prove popular enough to stay on the menu.

While customization is an expectation for many of today’s diners, younger customers seem to prefer self-serve bars over made-to-order items.

The No Whey station in the main dining hall at Georgia Southern University offers students meals that are free of the eight most common allergens.

Operators are giving food scraps and rejects a second life on menus.

Celebrations surrounding Mardi Gras end on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday—a day that goes by several names, including Fat Tuesday, Shrove Tuesday and Pancake Tuesday.

Operators are crafting menus and service styles that take the boring out of breakfast.

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