Texas Christian University dining team celebrates Dry January with mocktail event

Students could try a variety of alcohol-free mixed drinks that contained immune-boosting ingredients.
A handful of mocktails were available for students to try. | Photo courtesy of Texas Christian University

Students at Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas were treated to an immune-boosting mocktail event earlier this month.

The event was part of the school’s Healthy Frogs program and was led by Campus Dietitian Maddie Jacobs and Executive Chef Connor Green inside the dining hall.

Coinciding with Dry January, students could try a variety of alcohol-free mixed drinks, including the Blueberry-Infused Nojito, Cranberry Moscow Mock-mule, Espresso Martinot and Sparkling Grape Faux-mosa. Each mocktail was made with immune-boosting ingredients.

Attendees each received a QR code that took them to a digital mocktail recipe book that included “Notes from the Dietitian” with each recipe and information on immune-boosting foods.

Students also received education on responsible decision-making regarding alcohol and were taught harm reduction techniques from the school’s Substance Use & Recovery Services team. Resources and and peer support communities were also made available to those navigating substance use recovery.

Over 100 students participated in the event, according to school officials.



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