Sodexo brings fresh produce to the University of Denver's food pantry

The university has partnered with Sodexo, which now provides fresh produce to the food pantry.
non-perishable items
Sodexo will provide at least 20 pounds of fresh produce to the food pantry each week. | Photo: Shutterstock.

The University of Denver’s (DU) food pantry seeks to address food insecurity by offering no-cost food to DU students. It’s a pressing issue for the DU community, as a 2023 study by the DU’s Health and Counseling Services found that 50% of DU students are dealing with low or very low food security, according to a statement. 

But now, thanks to a partnership with Sodexo, the university’s foodservice provider, the DU pantry will provide fresh produce in addition to shelf-stable food. Under the agreement, Sodexo will provide at least 20 pounds of fresh, unused produce to the pantry every week.

The first week was a success, according to the university.

“Our first day went great,” said Derek Brannon, program manager, in a statement. “Sodexo delivered 40 pounds of produce, and we now have a fully stocked fridge.”

The food pantry received 15 pounds each of Brussels sprouts, asparagus and zucchini and 10 pounds of fresh salad greens.

“It's huge for [DU community members], and it feels great for us,” Brannon said. “We’ve really figured out this year that [food insecurity] is something that not one team can solve. It's going to take the entire campus to sort of coalesce around this issue.”



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