Sanitizing smarter: Build trust and reinforce safety with efficient cleaning processes and solutions

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As many Americans have begun the process of returning to work and school—or have already done so completely—places like school cafeterias and other non-commercial foodservice facilities have had to rethink their sanitation practices to help ensure a higher level of cleanliness than ever before.

While cleanliness and sanitation have always been foundational in foodservice, the COVID-19 pandemic has brought a renewed awareness to public health and food safety practices. According to consumer insights from Datassential, 50% of respondents stated that restaurants needing to be clean and sanitary is a top consideration while selecting where to eat – higher than great taste (43%) and value (35%). Operators have had to reassure their customers that their spaces are clean and that if they’re ordering food from a facility—even just for pickup or takeout/delivery—that they can dine with confidence. Part of reassuring residents and students is communicating exactly what steps have been taken and what products are used to keep food contact surfaces such as prep counters, cafeterias, dining spaces and newly created “dining” spaces clean and sanitized.

Save time without sacrificing safety

Customers expect more when it comes to sanitation and cleanliness in restaurants and other foodservice facilities, and noncommercial foodservice operators should follow those trends. Residents and students will expect to clearly see the measures being taken to keep the dining spaces clean. Making it important to use solutions designed to meet the unique challenges operators are facing.

Designed to help reduce risk while simplifying procedures, Ecolab’s Sink & Surface Cleaner Sanitizer (EPA Reg. No 1677-260) is a two-in-one no-rinse surface cleaner and sanitizer for use on food contact surfaces. With the fastest SARS-CoV-2 kill claim in the industry—15 seconds—and a 30-second norovirus kill claim* it is a fast and easy way to clean and sanitize hard, non-porous surfaces in two steps instead of three. By using Sink & Surface Cleaner Sanitizer, operators can simplify their procedures - saving time while also helping reduce risk by killing viruses and bacteria that cause foodborne illnesses.

By using cleaners and sanitizers that help reduce risk—and communicating sanitization procedures and solutions to diners—operators will be able to build trust back from weary consumers.

Build trust among consumers with transparency

Speaking of building trust, operators are going to have to do more in the post-pandemic landscape to reassure diners. Because residents and students have a heightened awareness surrounding sanitation compared to before the pandemic, operators have a responsibility to convey to them what’s being done to help keep everyone safe. Posting signage about when cleaning takes place is a start, but visible markers of sanitation, including spray bottles, buckets of cleaner and charts showing when the last cleaning took place are also important for customers to see. By reassuring guests that procedures are in place that help reduce risk related to COVID-19 and foodborne illnesses, operators can begin to restore consumers’ confidence in dining out. What’s more, because Ecolab Sink & Surface Cleaner Sanitizer is approved for use on food-contact surfaces, it is designed to help reduce the risk of contamination on those surfaces.

As life returns to relative normalcy, operators will still have to pay close attention to sanitation practices. According to Technomic’s 2020 Future of FSR: Family Style and Casual Dining Consumer Trend Report, demonstrating safety will be critical for attracting business to foodservice in a post-pandemic landscape. In fact, many customers say some factors implemented during the pandemic will remain important to them—25% say readily available sanitizing options for customers will be important, and 15% say the same about communication to guests about COVID-19 response measures. The same can be said for noncommercial foodservice facilities, such as cafeterias, breakrooms and other places where workers will consume meals.

By implementing a two-in-one cleaning and sanitizing solution now, operators can help ensure they are cleaning and sanitizing smarter while also setting themselves up for a smooth transition after the pandemic has subsided. To learn more about Ecolab’s Sink & Surface Cleaner Sanitizer, click here.

*When used according to the directions.


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