Chartwells K12 heats up the menu with new hot chocolate milk concept

The foodservice provider has partnered with the National Dairy Council to launch the concept at over 55 schools this month.
Students enjoying hot chocolate milk
Students enjoy hot chocolate milk as part of Chartwells K12's latest concept. | Photo courtesy of Chartwells K12

Chartwells K12 has partnered with the National Dairy Council to launch a hot chocolate milk concept this winter.

The new concept is launching at over 55 pilot schools this month.

Students will be able to receive a cup of hot chocolate milk as part of their breakfast or lunch, or as an a la carte purchase. Cinnamon, peppermint and other toppings will be available so students can personalize their beverage.

The participating pilot schools will receive a Hot Chocolate Milk kit provided by National Dairy Council through Hubert, a food service equipment manufacturer, that contains a transport cart with branded panels, an insulated beverage dispenser, a digital thermometer and more.

“The popularity of specialty beverages is on the rise, and we’re bringing a healthy option to meet that demand in school cafeterias,” said Lindsey Palmer, VP of nutrition and industry relations at Chartwells K12, in a statement. “With our new Hot Chocolate Milk concept, students can enjoy a fun, warm beverage that is packed with essential nutrients, making it a delicious and healthy treat to help students power through their day.”

This is the latest new offering from Chartwells K12. During the fall, the foodservice provider also expanded its Global Eats program to include a variety of Korean and Caribbean dishes.



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