Penn State to make 35% of its entrees plant-based by 2025

The university is teaming up with the Humane Society to achieve this goal.
Penn State joins fellow Big 10 schools in making a big plant-based commitment. / Photo: Shutterstock

Following the lead of other foodservice operators, Penn State is leaning into plant-based offerings in a big way.

The Pennsylvania university says 35% of its entrees served on campus will be plant-based by 2025, a goal it aims to achieve through a partnership with the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).

We look forward to working with the Humane Society of the United States toward increasing the plant-based entree offerings at Penn State,” Jim Meinecke, director of residential dining, said in a press release. “Providing healthy and nutritious options for our students, faculty, and staff is very important, and HSUS has been a great partner in providing guidance as we pursue this goal.”

Penn State joins fellow Big 10 schools in making this sort of commitment to upping plant-based offerings. The University of Michigan announced late last year that it plans for more than half of its entrees to be plant-based by 2025, while the University of Wisconsin aims for 30% plant-based entrees by that same year.

This is a growing trend outside the Big 10 as well. Foodservice giant Sodexosaid last month that half of its menus on higher-ed campuses will be plant-based by 2025.

A recent study conducted by Sodexo and two nonprofits revealed that making plant-based dishes the default option on college campuses led to students having a better perception of meatless meals.



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