Noodles know no boundaries with Nick Graff leading R&D at Noodles & Company

The executive chef and VP of culinary has accelerated innovation and taken the menu where it hasn’t ventured before.

Nick Graff joined Noodles & Company in 2014 and quickly advanced to the position he holds today as executive chef and VP of culinary. Along the way, he introduced scores of new ingredients, formats and global dishes. Among the standouts are veggie-based zoodles, stuffed pastas including tortelloni and ravioli in several flavor iterations, a high-protein pasta called leanguini, and Chicken Parmesan—Noodles’ first baked entrée and already a runaway best seller.

Chef Nick Graff

Nick Graff

He also introduced new equipment to the line, speeding prep times and easing execution. Steamers now expedite the pasta cooking process and eliminate the extra step of draining the noodles. And with ovens installed at each unit, the menu can now expand into baked pastas and entrees.  

Listen as Chef Graff describes his culinary journey at Noodles & Company, talks about the challenges of menu development in a fast-casual environment and reveals what may be next for Noodles’ menu.  

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