How Sip Fresh is refreshing the beverage segment with mixology-inspired juice drinks

Founder and CEO Sharon Arthofer employs trained “sipologists” and “sipistas” at each location to create and serve the elevated beverage menu.

Sharon Arthofer had a career in marketing, retail and the snack industry before she started fast-casual Sip Fresh in 2017, but she noticed a huge growth opportunity in the beverage segment. Instead of doing just another pressed juice concept, she hired mixologists to take it to the next level. They created a menu of unique, alcohol-free juice-based drinks with on-trend ingredients like dragon fruit, kiwi, chamoy and Tajin—each artfully garnished like cocktails.

Sharon Arthofer

CEO and founder Sharon Arthofer


“Sipologists” develop the recipes and each of the four locations employs trained “sipistas”—patterned after baristas—to serve the handcrafted drinks. The units are designed with a bar-style vibe, with the beverage selection displayed in large glass barrels on the counter.

Listen as Arthofer shares why the time is right to refresh the beverage segment, how beverage catering is a focus for growth and her future plans for franchising and expanding Sip Fresh beyond its home base of California.

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