How the menu at STATE Grill & Bar honors its home in the Empire State Building

Executive Chef Morgan Jarrett balances classic and adventurous dishes to appeal to tourists and locals alike.

Located on the ground floor of New York City’s landmark Empire State Building, STATE Grill & Bar must appeal to two demographics: tourists visiting the iconic skyscraper and office workers and locals looking for a chef-inspired lunch or dinner.

Executive Chef Morgan Jarrett bridges the two by balancing seasonal dishes geared to adventurous tastes with more familiar steaks, pastas and desserts. Signature cocktails are also a draw, and she works closely with the bar to create happy hour food that reflects her culinary focus.

Morgan Jarrett
Executive Chef Morgan Jarrett

Listen as Jarrett shares why farm-to-table cooking defines her menu, how she’s breaking out of her culinary comfort zone and what she’s planning for STATE Grill & Bar in 2023.

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