How Fabio Viviani is expanding his restaurant empire into the sweet side

The Italian-born chef’s newest venture is JARS, a fast-casual dessert concept ready for franchising.

Fabio Viviani is a native of Florence, Italy, where he started working in restaurant kitchens at the age of 11.

He learned the ropes of the hospitality industry by cooking in and managing Italian trattorias and restaurants, eventually moving to the U.S. when he was 27, where he opened and operated several restaurants in L.A. Over the next 15 or so years, Chef Viviani built a hospitality empire, developing more restaurants and related culinary businesses around the country in hotels, casinos, airports and freestanding locations.


Fabio Viviani

His latest venture is JARS by Fabio Viviani, a fast-casual dessert concept serving more than 100 favorite desserts in single-serve grab-and-go jars.

Listen as Viviani talks about his colorful culinary journey and hospitality empire, his appearances on Top Chef that earned him the title of “fan favorite” and how he’s gearing up to franchise JARS now that the first location in Chicago is going strong.

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