How climate change is impacting menus

Michael P. Hoffmann, co-author of “Our Changing Menu,” shares how some favorite foods and drinks are under threat and what operators can do about it.

Climate change is top of mind right now, with recent heat waves, droughts and wildfires directly affecting food production and the environment. Michael P. Hoffmann, professor emeritus at Cornell University and co-author of the book “Our Changing Menu,” relays how all this directly affects what foodservice operators can put on the menu.

Some favorite foods and beverages, like sushi, salads, coffee and cocktails, are being threatened. And climate change has the potential to impact the taste of wine, gin and tonics, tomatoes and even chicken.

Michael P. Hoffmann
Michael P. Hoffman

But all is not doom and gloom. Some ingredients may even become more abundant, including squid and octopus. And Hoffmann remains optimistic that taking action can change the dynamic.

Listen as he talks about climate change from a culinary point of view and shares how operators, farmers and scientists can work together to make a difference.

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