How Chicken Salad Chick is shaking up the menu with its first warm sandwich

CMO Tom Carr describes the new Chick Melt and the chain’s drive to innovate while continuing to please its many chicken salad-loving customers.

Chicken Salad Chick started with one recipe created by an Alabama mom and has grown to more than 225 restaurants across the South, with units now open in Colorado and the Midwest as well. Its menu features more than a dozen variations of chicken salad, many named after their female creators or fans.

Now, the chain has introduced its first warm sandwich: the Chick Melt. Based on a tuna melt but filled with—you guessed it, chicken salad—it’s the latest example of Chicken Salad Chick’s continuing drive to innovate the menu while staying true to its roots.

CMO Tom Carr, who is very involved in the culinary side of the business, describes the new melts and the clever marketing campaign built around their launch.

Tom Carr
CMO Tom Carr

Listen as he talks about Chicken Salad Chick’s successful franchise model and how the chain is on a mission to grow catering, and reveals whether there will ever be another sandwich filling on the menu besides chicken salad.

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