How Chef Ron Yan took Parcelle's from popup to brick-and-mortar restaurant

The New York City wine bar attracts a young crowd to sip, snack and stay for dinner, thanks to an inventive menu.

As executive chef of Parcelle Wine Bar on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, Ron Yan has created a menu that balances playfulness with skilled technique. During the pandemic, Yan partnered with seasoned restaurateur and wine retailer Grant Reynolds to launch a pop-up. The success of that venture evolved into the current brick-and-mortar restaurant, opened in 2022.

Chef Ron Yan of Parcelle's

Chef Ron Yan

Listen as Yan describes his culinary journey from pre-med student to accomplished chef, how he crafts a wine-pairing menu that artfully combines bar snacks and full dinners, and how he is taking Parcelle to its next stage of growth in 2023.

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