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Culinary Council What to do about the price of eggs


What are you doing about the price of eggs?

Answers from FSD's Culinary Council

We are just starting to see the effects of the avian flu. We hope we will be able to curb most of the costs, but if it keeps up we will have to make additional adjustments. Currently our pasteurized egg whites have been discontinued until further notice, so we are cracking our own eggs for whites and trying to incorporate the yolks in other applications through the kitchen.

Cameron Clegg
Executive Chef
Parkhurst Dining at Highmark Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Instead of putting scrambled, folded or hard-boiled eggs on our lines, we will make stratas, frittatas and quiches. We use half the amount of eggs, pack it with fresh local vegetables and market it as a local product. This helps in two ways: reducing our egg usage and supporting our local community. Our guests love it so much they don’t care that we don’t have all the other options.

Darla Mehrkens
Certified Executive Chef
Carilion Clinic
Roanoke, Va.

We suggested to our managers that if a guest requests eggs, they offer fresh eggs to order. But for buffet options we have been creative in making eggs just one component of the protein within breakfast sandwiches such as burritos, biscuits, soufflés, pizzas, casseroles, empanadas, etc. This way we can use fewer [eggs] by offering more entree choices.

Ryan McNulty
Director of Culinary Development
Metz Culinary Management
Dallas, Pa.



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