FSD Culinary Council

Culinary Council: Flavors in demand

Flavor cravers

Culinary Council members agreed that big, bold flavors are in high demand. And they will continue to deliver on that demand by exploring ingredients, cuisines and recipes that embrace that flavor profile. Smoking also is catching fire as a technique to infuse flavor. 

gochujang spoon

“Galangal root, black garlic, Thai and Vietnamese cooking.”

—Eric Ernest, USC Hospitality

“Sriracha, ghost peppers, Korean barbecue.”

—Mickey Sellard, Golden Living

“Spicy, smoky and salty-inspired dishes, spicy Asian-inspired noodle bowls, veggie-based items (like our Smoked Trumpet Mushroom ‘B’LT).”

—Daniel D. Skay, Castle Rock Adventist Hospital

“Savory-sweet combinations.”

—David Sutton, Bon Appetit Management Company

“All things spicy—jalapeño, Sriracha, chipotle and wasabi. The [K–12] kids love Sriracha and chipotle-flavored snacks. We also are going to incorporate some Mediterranean spices in 2016.”

—Eli Huff, Salt Food Group

“I hope to be creating new vinegars to be used in dressings and to add a pop of flavor to our dishes.”

—Darla Mehrkens, Carillon Clinic

“Roasted vegetables and flavors that accentuate acidic components.”

—Ron DeSantis, Yale University

The next Sriracha?

What it is: The Korean fermented chili sauce has a funky heat and thick texture that can work as well on burgers as it does in Asian dishes



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