Hallmark Co.

Hallmark's Christine Rankin gave FSD a tour of the company's facilities in Kansas City, Mo.

Christine Rankin, corporate foodservices manager for Hallmark, gave FSD a tour of the company's facilities in Kansas City, Mo. Hallmark is one of few remaining self-operated B&I foodservice departments in the country.

The main dining room at Hallmark. The company has had its own foodservice since 1923.

Chilln' is the dining room's make-your-own salad bar.

Creative Cuisine serves as a display cooking station, which offers customers a made-to-order option daily.

The dining room also has a station dedicated to healthy options, where Rankin says they've had great success with Asian noodle bowls.

Rankin says the department has had great success with mini snacks like this little packages of edamame.

The cafe was part of a renovation five years ago. The location now serves Starbucks coffee, teas, baked goods and a few lunch items.

Rankin says the 90-seat cafe has been extremely popular.

The department produces its own baked goods such as these cupcakes.

Rankin shows off some of the serviceware that the department uses. Since Hallmark produces a large variety of partyware the department gets to use the surplus product for free.

Catering also uses the partyware to package boxed lunches and other services to Hallmark employees. Catering makes up about 20% of the department's business. Rankin says that number has quadrupled since she came to the location 10 years ago.

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