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Kids Embrace Healthy Effort

School tunes in to students’ need for health, nutrition and companionship. A program designed to get students to eat healthier in a Gainesboro, TN, middle school has resulted in a 10% increase ...


Pasta perfection

People love pasta and most consider it to be a healthy part of a balanced diet. FSD breaks down the different types of pasta, including the nutritional makeup to help operators decide when and how to menu pasta dishes at their operations.

Hospital foodservice operations can and should improve their menu offerings in a manner that both supports local agriculture and sets an example for consumers to follow, according to a report released last month by Occidental College's Urban and Environmental Policy Institute (UEPI) and the Center for Food and Justice.

USDA has announced plans to purchase chicken fajita strips for school lunch and other programs.

The pros and cons of being an independent operator vs. working for a contractor were presented by long-time healthcare fsds Dale Evert and Regina Toomey-Bueno during the American Society for Healthcare F/S Administrators (ASHFSA) annual conference recently held in Braselton, GA.

New legislation would provide one-time grant funds (up to $100,000) for school districts establishing "farm-to-cafeteria" programs.

The tablets function similarly to palm-size handheld computers, also known as personal digital assistants, or PDAs, in that data is entered on the computer's screen via stylus, or touch, input.

Compass Group North America will provide a gift of $2.5 million to the Univ. of Arkansas, Fayetteville, for the construction of a new dining facility in the Northwest Quadrant Housing building—a 600-bed residence hall complex and dining facility scheduled for completion by summer 2004.

Talking about the "cutting edge" in hand washing sounds almost comical. True, there is an increasing number and variety of devices that can assist in the process, and newer, better gloves that can bolster those efforts.

The White House is pushing for a significant revision in the government's dietary guidelines—a move that could have long-term implications for federal feeding programs.

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