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Menu planning for diabetics

There is no single diet for diabetics—so how can you craft a balanced menu?


Students learning 'balance'

Sodexho’s Balanced Way program touts healthful eating over plethora of fad diets to students at four southern universities.

The University of California at Berkeley and the government office complex for the EPA show others how easy it is to make foodservice environmentally friendly. By "greening" their business, these two operations are striving to make a big impact on the environment.

Meeting the needs of those who shun all animal-based foods, while challenging, is necessary—and not as hard as you think.

Interim rule also strives to protect status of ‘100% fluid milk.’

Dairy products provide numerous health benefits for our bodies, but only 30% of Americans are meeting the goal for consuming daily dairy standards. How can you help customers ‘moove’ up? We've got tips on promoting dairy consumption in your operation.

Can a program that serves about 860,000 meals in 1,300 feeding sites daily effect major change? With the right team, it can.

Is butter worse than margarine? Does protein build muscle? Read on for answers to these and other nutrition falsehoods.

How can you help customers eat more whole grains, since not many do?

Does the term ‘low-carb’ have any significance any longer? Did it ever?

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