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Natural energy drinks on the rise

Gen Zers and millennials want food that’s healthy, fresh and natural. And the same holds true for their beverages.


Enhanced water bubbles up on menus

Operators can tap into the enhanced-water trend by offering water with unique flavors, natural ingredients and other nutrient boosts.

Like the coffee culture that percolated over the last two decades, made-to-order juices promise to be the next wave of liquid gold.

Millennials and Generation Z are more concerned with clean food sourcing, menu transparency and processed food than most other age groups, making these key areas of focus for non-commercial operators.

To meet the increasing need for healthful dishes that are delicious and easy to make in the professional kitchen, Campbell’s Foodservice has introduced eight flavorful new recipes with American Heart Association®certification. These are the firs

Meal after meal, day after day, healthcare foodservice operators are challenged to serve flavorful and healthful food and make the most of their labor and skill resources.

In healthcare foodservice, where the pace of business is brisk and the expectations for good, wholesome food are high, Campbell’s®50-oz. soups give the chef a big advantage.

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