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5 stealable ideas from the ballpark

A look at what’s happening in stadiums’ food offerings spotlights a few trends that foodservice directors should keep an eye on and adapt for their own menus.


3 new ways to menu bowls

More operators are offering menu items that incorporate the use of bowls rather than plates, appealing to consumers' desire for flavorful and healthy options.

Mediterranean flavors are a favorite on college campuses and are trending in 2017.

Millennials crave a spicy kick. And it’s well known this group of diners goes wild for customizable dishes. What menu item fits both of those categories? Chili.

It’s not as crazy an idea as it sounds, according to Chef Rob Corliss. The three-time James Beard House guest chef believes that beans have a place on the breakfast menu.

With the new school year quickly approaching, K-12 foodservice directors are looking for new ways to meet the challenges of school nutrition—such as meeting sodium restrictions and reducing plate waste—against a backdrop of tight funding. Some innovative operators are thinking outside the box. Here’s a peek at their recommendations.

Traditional breakfast flavors are growing across dayparts on college campuses, and operators who think of breakfast as a state of mind rather than a daypart will find takers for traditional breakfast fare in the afternoon, evening and even the wee hours of the morning.

All operators with a stake in breakfast have the same challenge—creating menu items that are tasty, easy to execute and unique from what the other guys sell.

For operators, dishes made with alternative proteins are a clear opportunity, but menuing flavorful versions of these items can be a challenge.

Operators are turning to menu innovation to increase meal participation while serving foods that fit USDA guidelines at the same time. For some, serving alternative proteins, such as beans, at breakfast and at lunch has been a way to close that gap.

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