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wood-fired pizza
The new space has a more open concept with fresh, made-to-order options.
organic lettuce
Organic gardens at Beaver Dam Community Hospital help support the hospital’s health initiatives
The partnership will bring over 200 plant-focused dishes to Sodexo-operated dining facilities.
Brioche Doree
An outpost of the Brioche Doree chain will offer staff and visitors at the Plano, Texas, hospital breakfast, lunch, pastries and more.
Gundersen Health System will provide breakfast and lunch to kids throughout the summer.
Jose Andres
The award-winning chef opened plant-forward Beefsteak in the Crile Food Emporium at Cleveland Clinic.
ramen noodles
The truck will serve Arkansas Heart Hospital’s popular noodle dish, among other offerings.
university of California
The three-day strike will involve more than 9,000 service workers in California.
cost graphs
Developments beyond the control of operators could push up prices for equipment and some supplies.
to-go meals
Portable items continue to be a top priority.


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