Mike’s Hot Honey Chicken Melt

Menu PartSandwich/Wrap
Cuisine TypeAmerican
Mike’s Hot Honey Chicken Melt

The Melt Shop

New York City-based

Grilled cheese sandwiches are the specialty at The Melt Shop, but the menu has expanded beyond the basic original builds. Mike’s Hot Honey Chicken Sandwich layers crispy chicken breast with cheddar, jalapeno-studded pimento cheese and spicy honey for an extra-cheesy take on the popular fried chicken sandwich. The kitchen infuses elderflower honey with chilies to create its signature hot honey.


1 potato bun

Softened butter

2 slices cheddar cheese

1 scoop jalapeno pimento cheese

1 boneless fried chicken breast (about 4 oz.)

¾ oz. hot honey


1. Brush softened butter on each bun half. Layer 1 slice cheddar cheese on each half.

2. On bun bottom, scoop jalapeno-pimento cheese and spread lightly. Top with fried chicken breast and drizzle with honey.

3. Sandwich two bun halves together and cook on griddle until cheese melts, chicken is heated through and sandwich is golden brown.

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