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A K-12 district takes farm-to-school to the next level

Find out how to build a healthy, sustainable foodservice program by forging connections with community, students and farmers.


4 stealable ideas from airport foodservice

A multiconcept airport operator is finding new ways to snag customers. Get inspired by their ideas.

Chefs’ Council members told us that many of their biggest successes in the past year were items including soft tacos, samosas, stuffed Chinese bao and banh mi.

Chefs’ Council members are skilled at controlling costs without diminishing perceived value. Here’s how they’ll deliver the biggest bang for the buck. 

While items such as sandwiches, barbecue and buffets still are popular, chefs continue to experiment with new menu items and concepts as catering competition heats up. 

Here are five catering trends to take note of for 2017 from the minds of members of FoodService Director's Chefs' Council. Read on for catering inspiration.

Ingredient sourcing has increased in importance, with issues such as clean labels, local and seasonal produce and food safety gaining ground. 

To meet the demand of clockless diners, chefs are expanding snack offerings, all-day breakfast is on the rise and grab-and-go is taking off in new directions.

Instead of cooking two versions of chicken noodle soup, The Garladnds of Barrington reworked a recipe into a flavorful lower-sodium version that appeals to all.

We’re back with next year’s menu forecast, culled from our panel of 50 Chefs’ Council members—culinarians representing the core segments of noncommercial foodservice.

Like presidential campaigning, trend forecasting starts sooner each year. Here's an early look at culinary predictions.

Whole grains have made gains in supermarkets, but foodservice lags behind. Here's how to fix that.

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