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Getting menus ready for winter

Research and emerging trends suggest what options will appeal to customers as the weather changes. Here are some suggestions for bolstering your menus' appeal this winter.


Fish sauces permeate all sorts of menus

The pungent flavoring is being embraced by operations of all sizes as the next innovation from Southeast Asia.

A review of the trends likely to reshape menus in the months ahead reveals some fun and out-there currents. Here's a sampling.

The search for different ways to satisfy consumers' hunger for bolder flavors is leading some operators to try innovative uses of familiar root vegetables.

Operators are increasingly using sauces as a means to differentiate, customize and let customers control what they eat. There’s the added advantage of exponentially increasing what’s offered without complicating kitchen operations.

Hard-to-pronounce ingredients have been popping up on menus, giving consumers practice with tongue twisters and opportunities for exotic dining adventures.

Sauerkraut is seeing growth on restaurant menus with a variety of modern interpretations made using a variety of vegetables.

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