Adam Grafton, vice president of culinary for Morrison Living, has a strong commitment to sustainability and health, but he also respects traditions. In his position, he oversees dining in 400 senior-living communities across the U.S., and heirloom recipes play a big part in his programs. But Grafton balances these comforting foods with on-trend dishes that put plants in the center of the plate.

Morrison Living is a division of Compass Group, a company that has adopted sustainability and wellness as part of its corporate responsibility, and Grafton encourages his chefs to embrace this mission. They have innovated with plant-forward and vegetarian options as well as sourcing humanely raised animals and sustainable seafood. During the pandemic, a summer promotion focused on a plant-forward seasonal snack program called “A-dip-tive.”

A-dip-tive features several versions of dessert hummus, including a black bean-based chocolate variation and vanilla made with white beans, as well as a chickpea-based ice cream. The recipes change with the seasons, and a pumpkin-vanilla hummus with cinnamon pita chips debuted in the fall.

“The promotion is targeted to all levels of care, from independent living to nursing, so we can engage with residents wherever they are,” Grafton says.

Within the larger Compass Group, there’s a continual push for ingredient transparency and efforts to be more socially and environmentally responsible. Morrison Living is a strong supporter of these goals, which shines through in the menus, teaching kitchens and interactive dining events.