Universal free meals bill introduced in Nebraska

The Hunger-Free Schools Act would provide free school breakfast and lunch to all students, regardless of family income.
Lunch trays in a school cafeteria
Photo: Shutterstock

All students in Nebraska would be guaranteed free meals at school under a new bill introduced by State Senator Machaela Cavanaugh.

The Hunger-Free Schools Act would provide free breakfast and lunch at school to all students daily, regardless of their family income. Funding for the meals would come from the state’s general fund.

Nebraska is the latest state to introduce legislation concerning universal free meals at school. Lawmakers in Missouri and South Carolina have also introduced universal free meal bills this legislative session.

Support for offering free meals for all students is growing among school nutrition professionals, food leaders and other government officials.

Voters in Colorado recently approved a measure to offer free meals at school to all students in the state, and other states, including Nevada, have utilized federal funding to keep offering free meals to all studentsfor at least another school year.



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