Sodexo teams up with Humane Society to create plant-based offerings for K-12 students

K-12 chefs met earlier this summer to create new plant-based recipes.
Photograph: Sodexo / Note: The chefs were all fully vaccinated and each received a negative test before participating in the event. 

Sodexo and the Humane Society hosted an event earlier this summer that focused on plant-based offerings for K-12 students. 

The event challenged K-12 foodservice professionals throughout the East Coast to come up with their own plant-based menu items. 

The chefs teamed up in pairs and created dishes centered on street food and cuisines from the U.S., the Mediterranean, Asia and Africa. Examples of the dishes created include hush puppies, Moroccan chickpea stew, jackfruit carnitas tacos and more. 

Each pair presented their dish to the group, which then provided feedback on ways students may want to see it altered. 

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