Seattle Public Schools brings focus to culinary program through Lunch with Leaders event

The city's mayor and members of its Office of Sustainability and the Environment served lunch to students and highlighted the importance of local food.
Foodservice worker serving food
Photo: Shutterstock

Seattle Mayor Bruce Hallow and members of Seattle’s Office of Sustainability and the Environment (OSE) visited Seattle Public Schools for lunch last month as part of the district’s Lunch with Leaders event, OSE reports.

Mayor Hallow and OSE staff served lunch to students at Denny International Middle School. The district’s superintendent, culinary services director and other officials were also in attendance.

The idea for the event came from a member of the district's culinary services staff, Doree Fazio-Young. It was intended to showcase the district’s culinary program and allow students to meet with local leadership.

During the event, Mayor Hallow spoke about the importance of local food. The event also highlighted the district's culinary services partnership with OSE, which provides funding for initiatives such as staff training and local procurement.



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