School district partners with nonprofit and restaurant chain to bring plant-based dishes to the menu

Montgomery Public Schools teamed up with Real Food for Kids and Silver Diner to create several new plant-based dishes.
A plant-based meal
Photo: Shutterstock

Montgomery Public Schools in Rockville, Md., has partnered with local nonprofit Real Food for Kids and restaurant chain Silver Diner to introduce new plant-based dishes to the lunch menu, Bethesda Magazine reports.

The recipes were created by Silver Diner Executive Chef Ype Von Hengst and include a three-bean torta with roasted corn salad, a white bean and pesto dip with roasted tomatoes on flatbread, Thai red curry and Sweet-Heat Potatoes.

Middle and high school students were invited to sample some of the new dishes and give their feedback. The team plans to hold additional tastings in the future to further refine what plant-based dishes will make it on to the menu.

Montgomery Public Schools is not the only district working with outside partners to expand its plant-based offerings. NYC Public Schools recently created a Chefs Council chaired by celebrity chef Rachael Ray with the aim to create over 100 new plant-based dishes that will be tested in its schools.



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