School district partners with Native American tribe to bring local beef to school menus

Atoka Public Schools receives up to 600 pounds of beef weekly from The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma for use in school meals.
Cattle in a field
Photo: Shuterstock

Atoka Public Schools (APS) in Atoka, Okla., has partnered with The Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma (CNO) to source local beef for its school meals.

CNO started delivering the beef last month, and Atoka receives around 400 to 600 pounds of beef weekly.

“This partnership allows our school district the opportunity to offer beef to our students that is right from the fields of Southeast Oklahoma to our cafeteria tables,” Stephanie Bray, child nutrition director for Atoka Public Schools, said in a statement. “It’s important for our students to know where their food is coming from and care about what they are eating. Thanks to the initial idea from the CNO, school lunches at APS are tasting better than ever.”

As supply chain issues continue to impact school nutrition operators, some are turning to local suppliers to help with procurement shortages.



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