San Francisco State University dining team to participate in food waste competition

The nationwide competition is being organized by Sodexo, SFSU’s foodservice provider.
SFSU staff will actively measure their food waste throughout the competition. | Photo courtesy of San Francisco State University

Over the next few weeks, the dining team at San Francisco State University (SFSU) will be competing against other schools to see who reduce the most food waste as part of a 'Goalympics' event.

The nationwide competition is being organized by Sodexo, SFSU’s foodservice provider. Sodexo dining teams from other schools, including Gonzaga University and St. Mary’s College, will also be participating.

As part of the competition, the SFSU dining team has set a goal of reducing its total food waste by 5%. In order to meet their goal, the team will participate in a handful of different challenges such as Veggie Savers, where staff will focus on reducing leftover vegetables, and Meal Rescue Squad, where staff will use waste data to inform production decisions in an effort to save meals.

Staff will measure and record the amount of waste created after each meal period. Students will also be asked to help with the initiative by being mindful of their plate waste.

"We want to empower our dining teams and students with knowledge to inspire conscious consumption and mindful choices that make a positive impact on our planet and wellbeing,” said Jason Adams, VP of operations for the West at Sodexo, in a statement. “The ‘Goalympics’ is a fun, engaging way and rewards everyone involved. By making this a focused effort across our region, we are demonstrating that every ounce of food carries a story with it - the resources, time, effort, and love that has gone into it. We hope to remind everyone to truly respect the journey from farm to plate and collaboratively reduce waste, leaving a sustainable legacy for the future."



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