Rosedale Union School District partners with nearby district to improve foodservice

Rosedale Union School District in Bakersfield, Calif., has partnered with nearby Kern High School District to improve Rosedale's foodservice program.

This year, Kern has prepared and delivered fresh meals such as turkey corn dogs and quesadillas to Rosedale students. Previously, students were served prepackaged frozen meals that were heated before being given to students. Rosedale is also expanding its salad bar pilot this year to one of its elementary schools. If all goes well, it hopes to offer a salad bar at all nine schools in the district, Bakersfield Californian reports.

The two districts began talking about partnering toward the end of last school year. Other than adding the additional schools to delivery routes and switching up some employees’ schedules, Kern Director of Food Services Jennifer Davis said that the partnership has not affected any other aspect of its operations.

This year, the number of meals sold has increased by around 100 compared to last year, even though prices for the new offerings also increased.

Next month, Rosedale is planning on serving buffet-style meals to its students instead of meals that are individually packaged.

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