New Jersey bill would set up school breakfast kiosk pilot program

If made law, the state would run the pilot at three school districts.
Students eating food in the classroom.
Photo: Shutterstock

A bill has been introduced in New Jersey that would require the state to set up a school breakfast kiosk pilot program.

Under S. 2417, the New Jersey Department of Agriculture and Department of Education would set up a two-year breakfast kiosk pilot at three districts in the state.

Districts would apply to be a part of the pilot by submitting a plan detailing how they would operate the kiosk, including what types of food would be offered and where it would be located. After reviewing the plans, the Department of Agriculture would award a pilot program to one school district in each of three regions.

Once the pilot is complete, S. 2417 would require the Department of Agriculture to prepare and issue a report on the impact of the program.   

The pilot would be funded through a “New Jersey School Breakfast Kiosk Pilot 6 Program Fund” that would be established within the Department of Agriculture. The fund would be annually credited with money appropriated by the state legislator and would also solicit donations from private nonprofit and for-profit sources.  

The bill has been referred to the state's Education Committee.


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